103 million Dogecoins moved from Robinhood

A major Dogecoin holder has recently shifted a massive amount of over 103 million DOGE away from the trading platform Robinhood, in a move that aligns with a noticeable price increase of the leading meme cryptocurrency.

November: A Month of Major Dogecoin Movements

This November has seen a flurry of activity in the Dogecoin realm, with several notable transactions coming to light. According to Whale Alert, a tracker of major cryptocurrency transactions, there have been multiple significant Dogecoin movements. On November 15th, a huge sum of 690 million DOGE, valued at around $50.3 million, was transferred between anonymous wallets.

In a similar vein, on November 13th, another large transaction involving 140.6 million DOGE took place, moving from Robinhood to an unknown wallet. The month also witnessed transfers of 75.3 million and 73.6 million DOGE to and from Robinhood, and a substantial deposit of 250 million DOGE into Robinhood on November 7th.

Dogecoin’s Market Performance and Upcoming Moon Mission

According to data from CoinGecko, a leading cryptocurrency market data provider, Dogecoin is currently priced at $0.076853, fluctuating within a 24-hour range of $0.074809 to $0.082678. Dogecoin’s market capitalization stands at roughly $10.94 billion, with more than $1.73 billion traded in the last 24 hours.

This surge in Dogecoin’s market activity and price is partly linked to the exciting news of a physical Dogecoin token planned to be sent to the moon in December. This venture, spearheaded by space payload company Astrobotic, has generated a buzz among Dogecoin enthusiasts and investors, further fueling the market’s interest.

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