99Bitcoins token presale gains momentum with $500k raised

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99Bitcoins has launched a new cryptocurrency, raising $500k in early presale days, aimed at powering its unique learn-to-earn platform designed to reward users for their educational engagement in crypto.

99Bitcoins, a prestigious media outlet, has launched a new presale cryptocurrency 99Bitcoins token. The project has enjoyed significant early success as it raised $500k in its opening days.

Investors can still buy in at its presale price of $0.00101, but this will incrementally increase throughout the presale. 

The token will power the project’s new learn-to-earn platform, which rewards individuals for learning about cryptocurrency.

99Bitcoins strives for mass adoption with learn-to-earn 

The ingenious learn-to-earn model incentivizes crypto education while providing 99BTC holders with tangible benefits.

However, 99Bitcoins does not rest on its laurels. The project will gamify the learn-to-earn experience to inject excitement and competitiveness. Through its gamification efforts, users can partake in interactive learning modules, quizzes, and tutorials.

Success in these domains gives players higher rankings, enabling them to earn more 99BTC. Users will unlock more rewards as they advance through the platform’s challenges, forging a self-motivating cycle that ensures long-term user retention.

Alongside learn-to-earn rewards, 99BTC holders can also access trading signals, VIP community groups and mentoring, staking rewards, and price appreciation potential.

Specifically, the 99Bitcoins website speculates that the Bitcoin halving’s effect on the BTC price could ignite interest in Bitcoin, drawing more users to the 99Bitcoins platform and 99BTC.

Adding to its price potential, 99Bitcoins is one of the industry’s leading media outlets, boasting an expansive audience across different mediums.

In addition to its vast news site readership, the 99Bitcoins YouTube channel hosts 700k subscribers, and it has over 2.8 million email subscribers. The advent of its learn-to-earn platform could further expand these audiences. 

99Bitcoins’ positive outlook is also enhanced by cutting-edge tokenomics, focused on community incentives and long-term price stability.

99BTC tokenomics and community rewards

According to its presale website, the 99Bitcoins token has a total supply of 99 billion. 10.5% is allocated to the presale, enabling investors to participate at the lowest price.

Another 14% is withheld for staking rewards. Staking is already live and currently offers a 3,700% APY. However, this generous yield is on a first-come, first-served basis, with the figure decreasing as the staking pool grows.

27.5% of tokens are allocated to the project’s fund to ensure its long-term ecosystem development. Meanwhile, 17% is earmarked for community rewards, 8% for exchange liquidity, and 23% for marketing.

In celebration of the presale, 99Bitcoins launched an airdrop campaign that rewards winners with free Bitcoin. 

$99K worth of BTC is up for grabs, and community members have 11 ways to enter the giveaway. The tasks are simple and involve things like following the project’s social media channels. Readers can learn more about the airdrop on the 99Bitcoins presale website.

The current 99BTC presale price is $0.00101. However, this will rise throughout the campaign, with the next increase coming in four days or when the total raise hits $1.1 million. Therefore, traders seeking the most upside potential should not wait around.

For more information, follow the 99Bitcoins X or join its Telegram to keep updated.

Alternatively, visit its website to buy and stake tokens. To learn more, visit the 99Bitcoins token presale.

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