Bitcoin Ban Bill Exposed: Bankers’ Involvement Confession Surfaces

Through 2023, Bitcoin and the crypto industry have faced increasing scrutiny from US Senator Elizabeth Warren, who has expressed concerns about the potential misuse of cryptocurrencies for illicit activities.

Now, the senator has highlighted the involvement of former military personnel, civilian government officials, and lawmakers in crypto organizations as a particular area of concern. 

However, advocates for the crypto industry argue that these individuals play a vital role in strengthening national security and fostering innovation.

Furthermore, the recent admission by a co-sponsor of Elizabeth Warren’s proposed “Bitcoin Ban Bill” or the Digital Asset Anti-Money Laundering Act has sparked further controversy. 

Bankers’ Involvement In “Bitcoin Ban Bill” 

The co-sponsor, US Senator Roger Marshall, revealed that bankers had assisted in drafting the Bitcoin Ban Bill, raising questions about the influence of financial institutions on the proposed legislation.

Senator Marshall defended the collaboration, stating that seeking input from the American Bankers Association was a step in the right direction to address concerns related to Bitcoin’s potential misuse. 

Marshall emphasized that the bill aimed to curb illicit activities associated with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and reiterated the belief that crypto is a tool for criminals.

Military And Congress Members In Crypto Industry Under Scrutiny

Elizabeth Warren’s letter to industry groups and the Coinbase exchange further shed light on her concerns about former military or members of Congress working in the crypto industry. 

Warren accused certain crypto advocacy groups of utilizing a “revolving door” strategy by employing former defense, national security, and law enforcement officials. Warren raised questions about their involvement in undermining efforts to regulate crypto’s role in financing terrorist organizations.

In response, industry representatives, such as Kristin Smith, CEO of the crypto advocacy group Blockchain Association, defended the participation of former military and law enforcement professionals. 

Smith argued that these individuals collaborate closely with US law enforcement agencies to combat illicit activities rather than supporting criminal endeavors. Smith further stated:

As Americans, we all share the common goal of fighting terrorism and protecting our national security. Sen. Warren should focus her efforts on the perpetrators, not those working hand-in-hand with US law enforcement to catch bad actors… Today’s letter is yet another disappointing step taken by Sen. Warren to discredit our industry and the individuals who are working to build a more inclusive financial system and user-focused internet.

As the debate continues, policymakers must engage in constructive dialogue with the crypto industry. Collaboration between regulators, lawmakers, and industry experts can lead to balanced regulations that protect against illicit activities and foster innovation. 

Smith concluded that the crypto community remains committed to working with policymakers to build a secure and transparent ecosystem that benefits society.

Bitcoin The 1-day chart shows the total crypto market cap’s valuation at $1.54 trillion. Source: TOTAL on

According to CoinGecko data, the global cryptocurrency market has reached the $1.54 trillion mark, representing a remarkable 100.91% increase compared to the market cap recorded one year ago.

Bitcoin (BTC), the pioneer and largest cryptocurrency by market cap, stands as the dominant force with a market cap of $825 billion. 

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