Bitcoin Cash and Cosmos holders closely tracking Kelexo

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In the ever-changing world of digital currencies, the initial sale of Kelexo has garnered significant attention from investors. This includes individuals who are tactically moving their investments from Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Cosmos (ATOM). 

Bitcoin Cash: Mt. Gox’s market impact

New information indicates that Mt. Gox, a popular cryptocurrency platform, has initiated an email verification process for users with accounts linked to Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash. 

This action is linked to compensation payouts to creditors in December 2023 via PayPal, sparking worries about a notable increase in Bitcoin entering the market.

Estimates ranging from 142,000 BTC to 200,000 BTC have surfaced, with a looming countdown for a potential release within the next 60 days. 

The situation is further complicated by Mt. Gox’s holding of 143,000 BCH and 69 billion yen (over $467 million), sparking speculation about the combined impact on market dynamics. 

Cosmos: inflationary policy proposal rejected

Community members recently voted against Proposal 868 in the Cosmos ecosystem. 

Despite potential benefits, nearly half of the validators opposed the proposal, highlighting the challenges of implementing drastic changes in the network’s economic policy. 

This rejection follows a prior vote for Proposal 848, capping the maximum inflation rate at 10%.

Kelexo: reshaping peer-to-peer lending

The current presale price of Kelexo is $0.022. 

Kelexo prioritizes safety, ensuring locked liquidity and securing team tokens. 

KLXO holders earn a share of platform fees.

Following a successful audit, Kelexo aims to bring a fresh perspective to lending, catching the interest of investors looking for early-stage crypto projects. 

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