Bitcoin hits $43k, Borroe Finance nears $2.5m presale as crypto markets soar

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Bitcoin’s Q4 surge is tied to ETF Talks, while Borroe Finance’s $ROE second presale stage hits $1.8 million.

Bitcoin (BTC) has been bullish since the start of Q4 2023. Subsequently, analysts credited this state of affairs to the ongoing talks for approval of BTC Spot ETFs. On the other hand, new DeFi projects like Borroe Finance ($ROE) recorded significant progress in their presale stages. Some investors are betting on this token for massive ROI in 2024.


Bitcoin Spot ETF takes center stage amid BTC surge

Recently, the possibility of a Bitcoin Spot ETF approval by the SEC rose to an all-time high after the commission held a strategic meeting with BlackRock. According to reports, BlackRock made structural adjustments to its BTC Spot ETF application after meeting with the SEC. 

In the new application, banks can create new shares based on crypto and fiat instead of only crypto previously. In addition, fiat shares can be swapped for Bitcoin through an intermediary. Some of the best cryptocurrency analysts have predicted a $100 billion inflow for Bitcoin when the SEC finally approves Bitcoin ETFs. 

However, James Seyffart, an expert ETF analyst at Bloomberg, has some reservations. According to the Bloomberg analyst, Gold ETFs have been around since 2004 and will only have about $95 billion in assets in 2023. Therefore, an inflow of $100 billion would signify an extreme outlier success, according to Seyffart.

Thanks to these ecosystem developments, Bitcoin broke the $40,000 resistance in December for the first time since April 2022. On December 1, BTC traded at $37,702. A few days later, BTC gained 18.14% and traded for $44,540 on December 9. 

According to experts, BTC is up for a massive bull run in Q1 2024 due to the upcoming Bitcoin halving and the likely approval of BTC Spot ETFs. Analysts say BTC will likely trade for $50,000 by March 2024.

$ROE Rockets through third presale as investors raise $1.8m for Borroe Finance

One way to spot a new high-value crypto token for beginner investors is to look at its early-stage success. This logic may apply to Borroe Finance ($ROE), as the platform raised more than $1.8 million in the second half of 2023. 

BorroeFinance is an AI-powered fundraising platform that allows web3 businesses to raise instant cash by selling future earnings to supportive communities at discounted prices. On BorroeFinance, web3 participants can mint their future subscriptions, invoices, royalties, and digital earnings into trending NFTs and sell them to their audience. 

To ensure the safety of the fundraising process, BorroeFinance incorporates AI-risk assessment, blockchain technology, and efficient payment solutions into its protocol. As a result, BorroeFinance lenders can access a short-term, low-risk investment. $ROE entered its third presale stage in December and is selling for $0.0175. 

The third presale stage is already 80.34% complete, thanks to an influx of new $ROE investors. When all presale stages are complete, $ROE will be listed on major crypto exchanges and sold for $0.04. Some analysts believe this $ROE price movement will generate a 128.6% ROI for early investors in 2024. 

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