Coq Inu selling off as investors explore meme coin alternative to sustain PEPE and BONK hype

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  • Avalanche-based meme coin surges by over 115% in a day
  • NuggetRush is a new meme coin that offers NFT staking, P2E blockchain gaming, and community-driven innovation.
  • Bonk Inu is up by over 100% after listing on Coinbase. PepeCoin aims to capitalize on the success of other meme coins like Shiba Inu and Dogecoin.

Coq Inu (COQ), a meme coin on the Avalanche blockchain, recently surged by over 115% in a single day, riding on bullish signals. This propelled Coq Inu into a parabolic uptrend. As the market reacts to these signals, the question arises: can any meme coin sustain the enthusiasm and popularity seen with PepeCoin (PEPE) and Bonk Inu (BONK)?

NuggetRush (NUGX) emerges as a contender, aiming to maintain the same hype as Pepe and Bonk. Offering ecosystem participation rewards, this platform allows popular NFT staking with annual yields of up to 20%. NUGX aims to reach $0.02 before listing on exchanges.

Let’s delve into Coq Inu’s sell-off and explore NuggetRush as a crypto project with the potential to sustain the hype observed with Pepe Coin and Bonk Inu.

NuggetRush aims to reshape crypto gaming

NuggetRush is a meme coin aiming to create a vibrant community in a secure virtual space for people to explore everything GameFi offers. 

The project is on the Ethereum blockchain, making it accessible to many users who can enjoy the game.

NuggetRush aims to be self-sufficient. Gamers can team up to build guilds and earn shared rewards. 

The project also has ties to physical gold providers, ensuring that merchants can ship RUSHGEM rewards directly to miners’ locations.

NuggetRush also offers a unique governance model, allowing NUGX holders to vote on proposals. This democratic process ensures the community is key in guiding the project’s future.

Early supporters have already claimed over 90 million NUGX in the ongoing presale.

Each NUGX is available for 0.013 USDT in the third round.

COQ INU, an Avalanche-based meme coin, gaining momentum

COQ INU is a meme coin running on the Avalanche blockchain. 

It surged by over 115% in just one day, driven by potentially bullish signals. 

This uptrend propelled COQ’s trading volume to exceed $83 million, reaching record highs. 

The number of unique COQ holders stands at over 18,000 addresses. This activity and user growth surge indicate organic interest, driving prices.

Solana-based meme coin, BONK, rallies by over 100% after Coinbase listing

BONK, a meme coin on Solana, rallied after listing on Coinbase. 

In December 2023, weeks after the airdrop to Solana holders, Bonk Inu’s price soared by over 100%, making it the 3rd largest meme token by market capitalization, surpassing PEPE.

Designed initially as a meme coin, Bonk Inu quickly gained traction within the Solana ecosystem. 

Several Solana projects incorporated BONK, allowing it to be used for payments in NFT transactions. 

Additionally, some projects introduced “burn” mechanisms for NFT-based events in the weeks following its launch.

PEPE’s popularity rising

Pepe Coin is a meme coin that has been gaining traction.

Inspired by the popular internet character Pepe the Frog, PEPE aims to create a unique and entertaining digital asset.

Launching on Ethereum, PEPE seeks to emulate the success of meme tokens like Shiba Inu and Dogecoin. 

PEPE has implemented measures such as no taxes, a redistribution system benefiting long-term stakers, and a burning mechanism to maintain the scarcity of PEPE.


As Coq Inu sells off, NuggetRush’s versatile approach, popular NFT staking, and governance model are drawing investors. Interested investors can participate in the ongoing presale using Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), USDT, and more.

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