Crypto moving to exchanges after in 11 weeks; Render’s rival rallying

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The cryptocurrency market has been retracing, with net exchange inflows of $33 million and an end to Bitcoin’s (BTC) positive seven-day growth streak. However, InQubeta (QUBE) has bucked this trend by raising over $7.6 million in its presale and generating 175% returns for early investors. Many experts are backing QUBE to extend gains once it launches on exchanges.

Analysts bullish on InQubeta

In 2024, cryptocurrency projects are expected to thrive due to the potential approval of a spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) and its upcoming halving event. 

InQubeta democratizes access to AI investments. Unlike traditional investment entities that favor wealthy individuals, the platform provides an inclusive environment for all to invest in artificial intelligence (AI) projects.

As Bitcoin’s price surges, QUBE may follow suit. Moreover, the project’s focus on artificial intelligence aligns perfectly with the increasing influx of funds directed towards AI-related companies. 

InQubeta only needs to secure a small fraction of this funding to reach its ambitious price target of over $1.

With $200 billion pouring into AI in 2023 and an expected $1.5 trillion investment by 2030, InQubeta can become a major player in the space. 

Its approach and focus on inclusivity make it an investment opportunity for those seeking to capitalize on the growth of AI technology.

Here’s how InQubeta makes it easier to invest in AI: 

  • Individuals looking to partner with AI startups can buy ERC20 tokens made by these firms on InQubeta’s Ethereum-deployed ecosystem.
  • These tokens work like stocks; some give investors other bonuses like discounts or exclusive access to developed products.
  • QUBE is used for all ecosystem transactions and can be acquired with fiat or cryptocurrencies. It will also be available on exchanges once tokens are released.
  • Investors can resell any ERC-20 tokens they buy whenever they choose, giving them liquidity.
  • Investors can also back InQubeta directly by holding on to tokens or staking them to earn more. Stakers are sent QUBE regularly as a reward for staking, and anyone with tokens gets to be part of the network’s governance.

First week of inflows in almost 3 months

Recent inflows to Bitcoin exchanges might suggest the bull run is winding down. 

However, these outflows are likely a temporary correction followed by a sustained upward trend.

The potential approval of a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) and the upcoming halving event, which reduces miner rewards in half, could drive BTC prices in 2024.


QUBE and BTC are firm despite the crypto market posting their first week of exchange inflows in over 11 weeks. Analysts expect them to rally in the coming weeks.

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