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The crypto payments business intrigues many business owners, given the prospect of electronic decentralized payments with a significant online user base. There are tremendous opportunities in this field. However, the logistics and apparent complexity of blockchain systems can seem like a barrier to entry. After all, someone used to traditional payment systems for decades can be wary of crypto payments. Business should be open to all, and unlocking crypto users can be a boost for your operations. With an estimated 30 million crypto users in Europe and hundreds of millions globally, targeting this demographic is increasingly becoming a necessity.

Merkeleon provides a white-label crypto wallet for clients to create and manage crypto wallet services, filling this gap. A white-label product is generic/standard and can be customized to your unique business needs. Additionally, Merkeleon also provides turnkey crypto exchange software for those looking to elevate operations. These services have unique benefits for business owners, which will be discussed below. 

A  White label crypto wallet 

Merkeleon has created a white-label crypto wallet to allow operators to launch crypto wallet services for end users easily. The white-label crypto wallet means an operator does not need developer expertise or management services such as high-level software and compliance expertise to offer these services.

Instead, you get the full package: bank account services, quality software, fiat payment systems support, compliance, know-your-customer (KYC) assistance, and all that pertains to crypto payment services. 

This arrangement ensures that service providers can focus on their business without dramatically changing operations to accommodate the new payment processing method.

A cryptocurrency wallet functions quite differently from traditional physical wallets, given the unique nature of the asset. Instead of storing actual crypto, you store the keys to your cryptocurrency on the public blockchain. The technical term for this code is private keys, ensuring only you have access to the cryptocurrency. Given crypto’s digital and decentralized nature, security is a critical consideration. Accordingly, Merkeleon’s wallet has the latest encryption and authentication measures to secure user funds. 

Operators can brand their wallets according to their business needs. This consists of the ability to change the logo, color schemes, and any detail necessary to create individuality on the wallet service. The white-label crypto wallet also works with both iOS and Android devices. In summary, these are the reasons to consider Merkeleon’s white-label wallets: 

  1. Convenience – the quality white label wallet saves you the time needed to create a crypto wallet from scratch as you only need to customize it to your needs. 
  1. State-of-the-art security – Merkeleon has a track record of secure and reliable wallet solutions. You can benefit from a standard wallet with best practices and protocols from experienced developers rather than working your way upwards.
  1. Focus on core competencies – A business can focus on its core competencies rather than deal with the nitty gritty of creating its wallet infrastructure. This reduces the resources and time taken on wallet development.
  1. Ongoing technical support- Merkeleon provides ongoing technical support for optimum wallet security, functionality, and upgrades as necessary.
  1. Compliance support – Users also benefit from compliance support to ensure their operations align with regulatory requirements and reduce exposure to liability. 

Turnkey crypto exchange software

A crypto exchange is a platform for buying, selling, or trading cryptocurrencies. It allows everyday persons to buy crypto for other cryptocurrencies or use regular cash (fiat). Creating a crypto exchange requires software expertise to ensure the exchange has a smooth interface and adequately secures user funds. 

Merkeleon makes this task incredibly easy for those seeking to operate crypto exchanges. You can obtain turnkey (ready-to-use) crypto exchange software, which becomes a functional exchange with the requisite customization. It is essential to make a distinction between outsourcing development and having a turnkey solution. 

For the turnkey solution, the software is ready to use. The operator does not have to account for the time development takes in outsourcing, inflated costs, and overall unpredictability. Merkeleon’s exchange software is ready to launch within a short time. The operator only needs to modify the front end and perhaps add payment methods and modules necessary to fit the platform to your operation. 

Modern crypto exchanges are a beehive of activity. With this software, the operator can choose to integrate spot and futures trading, which is an attraction for day traders. This ability to trade on crypto prices requires real-time data and high-quality software. Merkeleon’s software ensures that operators looking to integrate this function can thrive. 

Why should one consider turnkey exchange software? 

  1. Rapid launch – The operator gets a solution that can be market-ready within a fortnight rather than waiting through months of development.
  1. Cost-effectiveness – Getting a finished product is cheaper than hiring developers to work on a platform. The escalating costs for a web-based platform that turns out differently than intended can be frustrating. 
  1. On-ramp/off-ramp exchange – Users can both purchase crypto assets and sell their crypto assets on the exchange. 
  1. Customizable to fit your operation –  the white label exchange can be customized to fit your branding needs and accommodate unique operational details.
  1. Compliance and industry standards – By utilizing a solution from an industry leader, you get an exchange that follows best practices rather than developing one yourself and potentially missing out on a few vital components.
  1. Trading versatility – users keen on trading can benefit from a broad range of order types with a flawless user experience. 
  1. International reach – With the turnkey exchange, you can reach customers in over 180 countries and vastly expand your scope of operations. 

The turnkey exchange is a powerful tool for online business. Customers can trade crypto seamlessly like they would for standard centralized exchanges. You can integrate the exchange with whatever business you operate in no time and tremendously boost your reach. 

Managing a cryptocurrency exchange is a complex affair. It requires a delicate balance of digital asset volumes to ensure the exchange has sufficient liquidity while complying with regulatory requirements. Merkeleon ensures this is achieved by integrating liquidity providers and over 30 currencies for ease of trading. 

Earning using the crypto wallet or exchange 

A cryptocurrency exchange can be a remarkably lucrative venture for its operators. The standard fees an operator can place are withdrawal charges for funds from the platform. This rate can either be a fixed rate or a varying rate based on amounts. The Earn feature on the turnkey crypto exchange can allow the operator to invest these funds further and grow further in the sector.

The revenue from a crypto wallet can be from transaction fees as well. Usually there is more cash on the exchanger for newbies than on exchanges with traders.. 

The big picture 

Merkeleon has launched successful solutions that fit into a broad range of business needs. There have been over 35 exchanges that launched using the Turnkey software, with the company having over 14 years of experience in software development and 10 in crypto development. These accolades mean a wealth of experience and unparalleled insight into the rigors of this sector. Users needing efficient and convenient solutions have a reliable partner in Merkeleon for their crypto software needs.

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