New Release 5.7.0

zcashd 5.7.0 deprecates and zcash-fetch-params and bundles zk-SNARK parameters directly so they do not need to be downloaded or stored separately. 

Unless you need to generate transactions using the deprecated Sprout shielded pool, you can delete the parameter files stored in these directories to save space, as they are no longer read or used by zcashd. If you do wish to use the Sprout pool, you will need the sprout-groth16.params currently available for download here.

Additionally, 5.7.0 reports new mempool metrics.  

All node operators, which include our mining and other ecosystem partners, should upgrade to this latest version as soon as possible. Please note that version 5.6.1 will expire on or around Wednesday, October 11.

Additional changes have been included in this release. For technical details, please read the full release notes available at

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