Polygon offers grants for zkEVM developers; Kaspa and Borroe Finance gain ground

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Polygon, Kaspa, and Borroe Finance (ROE) have made notable advancements. Polygon offers grants to attract decentralized finance (defi) developers, while Kaspa’s technology upgrade draws experts. Meanwhile, the Borroe Finance presale is in progress.

Polygon offers grants to attract zkEVM developers

Polygon is investing $78 million in its ZK-Rollups initiative to support startups and established gaming, infrastructure, and defi ventures. 

Beyond money, they also offer mentorship, networking, and growth opportunities. 

Polygon zkEVM aims to be the center of defi by providing top-notch security and fostering a thriving multichain ecosystem.

Borroe Finance: reshaping web3 financing

Borroe Finance aims to create opportunities to access future earnings today through its AI-powered marketplace. 

The defi platform lets users monetize earnings from various sources, including subscriptions and royalties. 

This community-centric approach recognizes the value created by internet users, empowering them to fund growth in a user-friendly way. 

The platform has raised over $2.6 million in its presale stage, pointing to community support. ROE is changing hands at $0.019.

Kaspa is gaining ground

Kaspa is venturing into defi through wrapped Kaspa (wKAS) on Polygon and the BNB Chain. 

This move allows Kaspa’s technology to reach new audiences and markets. 

KAS has also been listed on Coinone and is building a global community through various events.

Analysts say KAS may trend between $2 and $4 in 2024.

Bottom line

Experts back Borroe Finance due to its growth potential. As such, they expect ROE to continue trending higher even after the presale ends.

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