Ripple recovers; Aptos and KangaMoon see substantial price appreciation

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In a week of mixed fortunes, Ripple (XRP) sees a recovery from recent losses, Aptos (APT) continues its impressive rally with significant gains, and KangaMoon (KANG) moves into the next phase of its presale after a notable fundraising success.

After maintaining a bullish trajectory for five days in the past week, Ripple (XRP) coin, lost to fluctuations again as the token went below its weekly support.

However, the token is gradually making a comeback, intending to meet its weekly peaks. In a different scenario, the Aptos (APT) token has been able to keep up a positive momentum throughout the month.

With a daily 15% gain, Aptos is gaining investors’ confidence. This is the same with (KANG), whose presale has rapidly entered its third stage after amassing over $950K in sales, positioning the native KANG token as the best new meme coin.

Ripple restores holders’ confidence with gradual price correction

In the space of a month now, Ripple has been able to rise up by 22%, however, this figure would have been higher if XRP price hadn’t encountered a drastic fall to a low of $0.531in the past week.

Following its recovery from the price drop at the start of the week and another just a few days after, Ripple has since priced up to maintain a positive performance above the $0.610 price mark.

Gaining by over 5.12% in the past week, the Ripple coin currently holds a weekly price range between $0.5653 and $0.6644.

With the Ripple community reflecting a 69% bullish rating for the token, XRP has a good chance of significantly rising before the end of this Q1.

Aptos price sees month-long price appreciation

Meanwhile, Aptos token, with a monthly gain of over 61%, has maintained a pretty impressive price trajectory this past month. The native APT token surged from its monthly lowest price range of around $8.5 to its current price which holds strongly above $14. 

Moreso, Aptos has been trading within a weekly price range of $10.22 and $14.41, with signs of breaking out in this Q1.

In the past week alone, the price of the Aptos token has surged by over 13%, accompanied by a remarkable daily total value locked (TVL) increase of over 95%.

These developments position Aptos among the top crypto coins worth considering for potential significant gains in the near future.

KangaMoon enters the third stage of its presale

The ICO phase of the KangaMoon (KANG) token has been highly successful, with impressive gains accumulating for early investors.

With over $950K raised so far, KangaMoon is advancing through the third stage of its presale, selling for a new price of $0.01125.

Beyond aiming for meme coin dominance, KangaMoon has set its sights on positively influencing the multi-billion-dollar Play-to-Earn market cap.

Already positioned as one of the top meme coins to watch out for, KangaMoon hosts a Meme Lord Contest, inviting participants to showcase their meme creation skills to win up to $150 worth of KANG tokens.

The platform is originally a P2E metaverse project where users will be able to engage in battle contests amongst themselves to win KANG tokens and other assets as rewards.

Moreover, by adopting a community-centered approach, KangaMoon creates more earning incentives, such as being able to bet on the outcomes of battle contests and win rewards.

Discover the opportunities of the KangaMoon (KANG) presale today!


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