Solana may retrace before rallying to $100; GFOX presale approaching $2m

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This article explores Solana (SOL) and Galaxy Fox (GFOX), an emerging crypto project. Solana may pull back to $50 before resuming the uptrend to $100. Meanwhile, Galaxy Fox has raised over $1.3 million in its presale.

Solana is volatile but firm

SOL has been volatile since mid-October. 

Recently, it fell by 13.36%, settling around $67.3. 

Charts indicate a rising wedge pattern, suggesting a possible local top and an upcoming correction. Is a dip to the $50 level on the horizon?

On a related note, Solana Saga phones tied to the Bonk meme coin airdrop are selling at high prices on eBay. The airdrop frenzy has turned these phones into sought-after items, some fetching as much as $5,000.

Despite the recent surge above $75, Solana’s potential trajectory toward $100 has analysts hopeful. If bears don’t intervene, SOL might be heading towards triple digits.

In case bears prevail, a retracement to the $50 mark could be in the cards. 

Analysts closely watch support levels around $60-$55; below that, a solid $50 level awaits. 

Galaxy Fox aims to reshape meme coins

Galaxy Fox has raised over $1 million in its presale.

Currently, in stage 4, GFOX is priced at $0.00132, with 94% of the tokens already in the hands of early investors.

Galaxy Fox is a GameFi hybrid that could reshape the crypto landscape. A robust tokenomics model supports the play-to-earn (P2E) and meme combination.

At the core of Galaxy Fox is its classic endless runner game, rewarding the top 20% of players each season. With a token burn, there’s a decreasing circulating supply. The ecosystem includes Stargate, accumulating 2% of all transactions. 

Allocating 2% of taxes to the Treasury ensures funds for marketing and community initiatives and a built-in budget for expanding the Galaxy Fox ecosystem.

With over $1.3 million already raised, GFOX will be trading at $0.001518 in the next stage.

Final thoughts

Galaxy Fox aims to be a memecoin powerhouse. Interested users can visit their website to explore the project and even participate in the presale. Supporters can also join their Telegram community.

Learn more about GFOX here:

Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join the Community

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