Taurus expands tokenized securities trading to retail clients

Swiss fintech Taurus, supported by Deutsche Bank, now offers tokenized securities trading to retail clients following regulatory approval.

The firm recently received approval from Switzerland’s Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) to offer tokenized securities to retail clients.

Retail users can now participate in capital raises and trade digital assets and tokenized securities through Taurus’s regulated platform. The update not only diversifies the client base but also enhances the liquidity of digital securities. It offers a unique opportunity for companies to access primary and secondary markets, catering to a broader range of investors.

Taurus’s announcement also includes the addition of several new issuers to the TDX marketplace. Notable names such as Investis Group, la Mobilière, Qoqa, SCCF, Swissroc, and Teylor have chosen TDX as their preferred trading venue for digital securities.

TDX Head of Product Yann Isola emphasizes Taurus’s vision of digitizing private markets, making the acquisition of private securities as straightforward as online shopping. The firm has identified a growing demand for real-world asset (RWA) tokenization, rapidly expanding in the digital asset domain.

Taurus offers a comprehensive digital asset infrastructure, facilitating the issuance, custody, and trading of various digital assets, including cryptocurrencies, tokenized securities, NFTs, and digital currencies.

Deutsche Bank’s partnership with Taurus, initiated in September, and its participation in Taurus’s $65 million Series B funding round in February 2023 shows the banking giant’s commitment to digital asset services.

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