Tellor up 39% from yesterday, analyst points to manipulation

Tellor has gained 41% over the past week and is up 215% over the past month, showing strong upward price momentum.

The price of digital currency Tellor (TRB) has seen a meteoric rise over the last 24 hours, rallying 39% from a low of $178 yesterday to reach an intraday high of $247 earlier today. As of press time, TRB is trading at around $242.

Tellor up 39% from yesterday, analyst points to manipulation - 1 TRB price seven-day chart | Source: CoinMarketCap

This latest price surge continues Tellor’s upward momentum over the past month. The coin has gained 41% over the past seven days and an impressive 215% over the past 30 days.

In a video analysis published yesterday, the analyst behind the Cilinix Crypto YouTube channel offered perspective on Tellor’s recent rally. While noting the coin’s positive price action and fundamentals, including rising open interest and funding rates, the analyst cautioned that Tellor exhibits signs of manipulation across several exchanges.

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There’s a ton of volume coming from Super X, WebC, UEE, those types of exchanges and it is manipulated. […] If they’re behind these moves, I mean, I’m not sure if I like the project that much.

Cilinix Crypto

Nonetheless, the analyst sees room for further upside, eyeing resistance around the $250-$260 level. They noted that a decisive break above that area could spur a continued rally toward $300. However, given the potential manipulation, the analyst warned that a sharp reversal could occur at any time.

At some point of time, and that’s why I’m not trading this, at some point of time, it’s going to crash. So whether that’s from $260, $300 or $400, I don’t know.

Cilinix Crypto

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