Uniswap, Pullix, and Tezos outperform; exceed analysts’ forecasts

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The past week has been a rollercoaster in crypto. While attention is fixed on Bitcoin and Solana, a few other altcoins like Uniswap (UNI), Pullix (PLX), and Tezos (XTZ) have also been trending higher.

UNI rose to a yearly high of $7.8 in December. 

Despite a recent dip, UNI is still bullish, adding 10% in the past month. 

Overall, UNI averaged $6 in 2023. This suggests that the token is stable and may rally in 2024. 

Pullix raises over $10.6 million in presale

Pullix has raised over $10.6 million in stage 6 of the ongoing presale, selling over 50% of the available tokens at $0.08 per token. 

The platform aims to address common defi issues like slow transactions, high fees, and lengthy processing times. 

Pullix prioritizes user-friendliness and security by employing robust measures like cold storage and multi-signature wallets.

It also offers a passive revenue model, where users who provide liquidity to the exchange earn a fixed interest rate of 8% to 18%. This mechanism rewards liquidity providers while supporting market-making activities. PLX plays a crucial role in enabling passive income generation.

PLX is available for $0.08 at the current stage of the presale. 

However, experts say the token may rally going forward. 

Tezos trends above $1

Tezos recently returned to $1 after trading between $0.6 and $0.8 between June and November 2023. 

Building on the bullish momentum from December, the coin can reach $1.2. Even so, it is still far from its multi-year highs.

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