USDT and USDC holders exploring Pushd presale

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Tether (USDT) and USDC are stablecoins tracking the USD. In crypto, they play an important role in how crypto users transact.

USDT and USDC allow users to navigate and transact and serve as a guarantee in the crypto market during market volatility, unlike other crypto investments.

Ahead of the Pushd launch, USDT and USDC holders are among those exploring the project.

Stablecoins offer users the ability to hope on their investment. Still, they are not a good idea for one willing to invest in the market coin with huge value. 

USDT and USDC don’t offer good ROI at a stable price. Accordingly, investors are exploring Pushd.

USDT and significance in crypto

Tether recently issued one billion USDT on Ethereum. 

Investors buy USDT to protect themselves from market volatility. 

In the long run, USDT holders can stake and receive a relatively higher yield.

Meanwhile, the Pushd presale is ongoing, allowing investors to propose changes to the marketplace.

USDC stagnates 

USDC is a stablecoin that helps traders invest in the volatile crypto market. 

In the ongoing Pushd presale, USDC holders can consider investing in the decentralized marketplace.

Pushd presale in progress

Pushd presale has attracted over 12,000 users ahead of stage 3. 

With market transparency, Pushd offers a reward program where users can earn crypto by completing specific tasks. 

It also rewards early investors with revenue fees generated on the platform. 

PUSHD is available for $0.06. Overall, there are 250 million tokens as fixed supply. 

Investors can consider Pushd and align themselves with innovation. The decentralized marketplace rivals traditional e-commerce sites like eBay and Amazon.

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