Zcash Development Update

Hey everyone! Welcome to another community forum update. If you have any questions feel free to drop a comment here, or tag me in the Zcash Community Discord @januszgrze#6095.

ECC updates

  • We welcomed Carter Jernigan full-time as a Principal Android Developer!
  • ECC will kick off a monthly Twitter Spaces next Tuesday, April 5th, at 4:30pm EDT. The latter half of the call will be a community AMA. Bring your questions!
  • NU5 activation and Halo Arc release delayed for remediation of consensus bug in testnet. Blog post here.
  • The Cypherpunk Zero NFTs were airdropped to everyone who purchased the Mighty Jaxx collectible toy. More drops coming soon. Stay tuned.
  • Paul Brigner will be attending TPI’s “What Does the EO Mean for Crypto Policy?


  • Repaired Gitian build issues
  • Addressed issue with Cloudflare and Github access, which should improve build reliability
  • Improved security of webhook intercepts from external locations
  • Implementing Tekton lab curriculum
  • Continuing transition to Freshdesk for incident/issue management
  • Began preparations for demonstration of new CI/CD paths


  • Released zcashd v4.7.0-rc1!
    • This has been a huge lift involving many changes to the zcashd wallet and RPCs needed to support Orchard and Unified Addresses / Viewing Keys.
    • Kudos to DevSecOps for (extra) exhaustive testing of the RC and helping identify and fix a few key issues!
    • Kudos to Core for the incredible amount of work going into the release and NU5 in general!
  • We’re planning to release v4.7.0 by tomorrow which will fix our currently fractured testnet
  • Produced a new version of the protocol spec that fixes a type error for Orchard incoming viewing keys, and clarifies consensus rules around coinbase transactions. (zips#594)
  • Added / updated several tests and performed documentation cleanup for Orchard and Unified Address concepts and terminology (zcash#5752, zcash#4745, zcash#5719)


  • Android:
    • Wallet:
      • Wallet Initialization work
      • ZEC payment requests support (inprogress)
      • Send-Flow input validation (in progress)
    • SDK:
      • MavenCentral Deployment automation
      • Dependency updates and CI Enhancements
    • Onboarding Honza (Jan) from TangibleCodes
  • iOS:
    • Wallet:
      • User Preferences Storage component
      • Keychain secure storage component
      • (internal) Build 0.0.1-17
      • Integrate real Seed from MnemonicSwift
      • Update Badge Icons
      • Send Flow / Request ZEC UI components (in progress)
    • SDK:
      • Zcash-light-client-ffi: build librustzcash master branch + integration (in progress)
      • Zcash-light-client-ffi: build librustzcash master branch + integration (in progress)
      • MnemonicSwift: v2.2.3 released
      • ZcashLightClientKit: Released 0.13.0-beta.2.
      • Rustless build
      • Swift Package Manager Support
      • 3 curated Test suites: Offline – Network – Darksidewalletd

In Zcash news, Zcashmedia had their funding approved to create an educational hub for all things Zcash. The Zcash Foundation dropped an awesome website, and ECC & Zcash were featured in an upcoming Flexa Payments commercial. Be on the lookout for the Wizard hat :slight_smile:

Due to the addition of a monthly Twitter Spaces, we will be making forum posts once a month.

As mentioned, if there’s any questions, let me know.


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