Bonk Inu (BONK) Hits New Peak with Boost from Coinbase and Solana

The value of Bonk Inu (BONK) increased beyond any expectations with support of coinbase and strong tie with Solana (SOL). With market capitalization valued at close to $900 million dollars BONK currently stands 75th on the list of all cryptos and third among meme coins. The stellar recent performance by SOL partly accounts for this stunning growth in this currency’s worth.ICENSE:

Record-Breaking Growth for Bonk Inu with Key Partnerships

A new memecoin called Bonk Inu has entered the crypto world on its way of bringing a revolution among the Solana-based assets. Today, its native Bonk touched an all-time of 0.00001518 Dollars. From what is reported, an incredible 13,600% increase in token’s value amounting to an impressive 272 fold rise occurred. Also, the token value surged up to 650% in past month being thirteen times better.

For the most part, the rise in BONK’s price can be attributed to its listing on Coinbase, a dominant American cryptocurrency exchange. Recently, Coinbase introduced BONK as one of the cryptos they support, although it’s not considered tradable in specific sectors. Shortly thereafter came this listing following Coinbase putting BONK onto its listing roadmap.

Additionally, another important factor that contributes to BONK’s good results has been Solana’s influence. Solana network’s SOL, a high performance altcoin that has hit $70 recently. The year’s reports indicate a six hundred percent increase in SOL over the past few months.

Bonk Inu Now a Major Player in Memecoin Market

In less than a day, the new ATH for BONK increased its market cap to about $900 million.

That increased position BONK on the top 75th largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization and the third largest memecoin. The forefront of such niche market is occupied by coins like; Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB).

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