New website launches, built to grow

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of a newly redesigned Zcash community website ( We’ve taken your feedback to heart and have reimagined the site to better serve as an educational and onboarding resource for the Zcash community, and to reintroduce Zcash for a new era.

The new offers an enhanced user experience and a wealth of resources for Zcash enthusiasts and newcomers, alike. Key features of the new site include:

  • Learn Hub (“Learn Zcash”): An easy-to-navigate, built-to-grow source of information about Zcash, privacy, and blockchain technology.
  • Ecosystem Hub: A directory of stakeholders, contributors, and tools that fuel the growth and vibrancy of the Zcash ecosystem.
  • Community Hub: A home for upcoming events, news, and developments in the Zcash community.
  • Network Information Hub: Information about the operations and governance of the Zcash protocol.

This website relaunch is a milestone, but it’s also simply a start — a patch of land to grow a garden. In the coming months, we’ll begin working toward fostering greater community involvement with the ultimate goal of transitioning this site and other Zcash digital properties into shared public goods. To stay up-to-date on this forthcoming proposal and other news, follow Electric Coin Co. on social media and keep an eye on the Zcash community forums.

ECC’s goal is to help build a world where billions of people are empowered with economic freedom through a fair and open currency. To the Zcash community, we appreciate all your ongoing support and your contributions to the ecosystem. We look forward to working together toward a more equitable and decentralized future for all.

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